ESSENCE OF AFRO-POP! / by Will Ashton

"I got the dope moves" - Chuckie

Norman Spencer took a step outside of his comfort zone. Usually tucked away among his expansive screen printing portfolio, Norman has been carefully developing a complete artistic arsenal. 

The summation? A comprehensive experience of black pop culture. With water color/acrylic/photos and lithographs.  Joined by fellow local artists: Red, Ashley Cathey, Karla Marie, Chip Calloway (Mad Moon Vibe), Flyspace Cubicle and Shalan Darragh, the walls were not only filled, the guest had the ability to work with the artists in creating an unique experience for the evening. Capturing this writers heart with the littering of 90s an 00s cinematic references.  With one shining clearly...

1994 was an amazing era for cinema. Heavyweights like Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction and Lion King ruled the box office while independent films were still being largely dismissed. Fresh, was the other movie Samuel Jackson played in 1994 And Norman Spencer brought a piece of that to the spotlight.  If you're not familiar, nah worries. You can also see Steve Urkel, Jimmy Walker, Webster and many more. 

Not into movie themes? Check out the composition on Food for Thought. The cherubic faces of Sistine angels staring at food stamps, is not only brilliant social commentary, but hilarious. 

Showing ends next Wednesday!

Special thanks once again to Lamont of MRC Promotions for emceeing as always!